Global Trademark Maintenance Program

world-rLadas & Parry enjoys an enviable global reputation for our success in protecting trademarks worldwide for clients from start-up companies to some of the world’s largest multinationals. We are experts in the intricacies of trademark practice in the United States and throughout the world. Once a trademark registration has been secured the registration must be maintained. As trademark registrations are granted for specific periods in each jurisdiction, they may be maintained indefinitely by periodically renewing them. This involves a significant amount of work in some jurisdictions. Ladas & Parry is organized to take on the various details associated with maintaining and renewing trademarks in the United States and abroad. We have designed our own proprietary computer-based system for maintaining trademarks worldwide and we regularly update our system to incorporate any changes in trademark laws, regulations or practice.

How the Trademark Maintenance Program Works

We send computer-generated Renewal Instruction Requests, in duplicate, which contain:

  • The individual trademark registration particulars, including goods/services, that are due for renewal.
  • The due date for renewal or maintenance action.
  • An estimate of charges for attending to renewal or maintenance action.
  • Notice of requirements, other than renewal, to maintain registration.
  • Indication that chain of title must be recorded, if applicable.

Clients can also access their trademark records via the Internet using Ladas & Parry’s exclusive Ladas Exchange® on-line IP portfolio management system. See the note in the right hand column for more information about Ladas Exchange®.

Clients then indicate their renewal instructions either on the provided form, return the form to Ladas & Parry and retain the duplicate copy for their records or clients can indicate their renewal instructions on-line via the Internet. If we do not receive instructions in a timely manner, we automatically send subsequent reminders to our clients. If no instructions are received by the due date, we take no action and update our records to indicate that the registration has lapsed, all at no additional charge to our clients. Reminders can be sent in traditional paper form and/or via e-mail.

trademarkRenewing your Trademark

When we confirm that your trademark registration has been renewed we provide you with the actual certificate of renewal with a translation of the pertinent details. Together with the certificate we include information pertaining to requirements under local law necessary to keep the registration in force and immune from attack. In addition, we place the renewal details on our proprietary computer records to enable us to inform you of the next renewal date.

Certificates are carefully examined for accuracy by our staff, which is of particular importance as many are in foreign languages and/or foreign characters. When necessary we arrange to have the Trademark Office correct inaccurate or incomplete certificates, thereby ensuring that the owner’s rights are correctly preserved.

Advantage Trademark Renewal Program

In recent years, in recognition of the rising costs of Trademark Renewals and to remain competitive, we have enhanced our renewal system with the “Advantage Trademark Renewal Program”. This program has been made possible by the volume of cases in our care, increased utilization of computerization and, most importantly, by working directly with local government Trademark offices in many jurisdictions of the world. These cost-saving measures enable us to significantly reduce the cost of renewals.

The following is an example of those countries presently covered by the Advantage Trademark Renewal Program system:

China (PRC)
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
New Zealand Panama
ParaguayEl Salvador
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States of America

We are constantly seeking to add to this list of jurisdictions.

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