As an enterprise grows, its need for intellectual property (IP) protection expands.   Ladas & Parry represents owners of IP rights at every stage of development, both domestically and internationally. Our firm has been managing high-profile, global IP portfolios for decades, bringing a deep understanding of local legal nuances in order to achieve maximum benefits for our clients. With our depth of experience, we are able to anticipate pitfalls that might not be apparent without our highly specialized knowledge developed over the more than 100 years since our founding. Our firm’s business-friendly approach supports our clients’ objectives, within their budgetary requirements, while protecting their most valuable IP assets worldwide.


Global Leader in Intellectual Property

Founded in New York in 1912 by British patent agent Lawrence Langner, Ladas & Parry has over a century of experience as a leader in global intellectual property law.  With offices New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Virginia, London, and Munich our firm enjoys a far-reaching international reputation and an impressive history.  We have a deep understanding of international intellectual property law and stay on the cutting edge of legal developments in every country in the world.  Our longstanding connections with intellectual property law firms around the globe allow us to serve clients creatively and cost-effectively.  Many Ladas & Parry attorneys are qualified to practice in several countries and before domestic and international patent offices, including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), the European Patent Office (EPO), and specialized tribunals, including The International Trade Commission. In addition to litigation, counselling, portfolio management, and transactional matters, Ladas & Parry files and prosecutes in excess of 4,700 patent (utility and design) and trademark applications in the U.S. and overseas each year.  The firm has been ranked on multiple occasions among the top firms in contentious and non-contentious intellectual property matters.


Diverse Client Base

The firm’s diverse client base has over its rich history included as many as 360 of the Fortune 500 companies and ranges from high-profile, multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises in an array of industries, including electronics and software, fashion, media and telecommunications, consumer and industrial goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, food and beverage, and travel, and financial and insurance services.  Ladas & Parry’s established reputation as a leader in copyright law has also attracted numerous entertainers, entrepreneurs and celebrities affiliated with the music, film, and publishing industries in addition to major content providers working in a variety of media.  Our attorneys have a rich understanding of the intellectual property issues and challenges faced in particular industries, allowing us to provide a practical, business-minded approach.


Alternative Fee Arrangements

Ladas & Parry has always offered its clients a variety of fee options in recognition of their  need to manage budgets and control costs.  Many of our services are provided on a flat or fixed fee basis to those who prefer to avoid time-based charges, and in some instances, we are able to offer fixed rates that cover multiple actions or steps over time.  We tailor custom billing solutions for clients to meet their goals.  We help clients achieve cost savings by equipping them with technological tools that allow for self-service in some instances, as discussed further below.  We are always open to working with clients to find mutually beneficial alternate fee arrangement solutions depending on their needs.


Innovative Tools and Technologies

Our clients have identified global intellectual property protection and management as one of their most important challenges in the future and Ladas & Parry has developed innovative tools and technologies to help achieve success in this manner.  Our firm has long provided watch services, designed to alert subscribers to potentially conflicting trademarks, company names, domain names, and social media handles as they are published for opposition, cancellation, and other action throughout the world.  These services are now provided by our affiliated brand monitoring service and ICANN-Accredited domain name registrar subsidiary, Principium Strategies.  Unlike other watch services on the market, the Principium Strategies team translates (and transliterates) each published mark including those in non-Latin alphabets and their respective goods and services, to ensure that potentially infringing marks are discovered.   Customers of Principium Strategies enjoy the same personalized service and dedicated management of their intellectual property assets they are used to from a law firm at the cost of a domain registrar – a combination not available from any other law firm, registrar, or brand management department.  Using Principium Strategies can save your organization expense in domain registration and management costs while providing unmatched service, protection, and security.


The Ladas Advantage

Our firm’s attorneys are trained to consider legal issues in concert with their commercial clients.  We provide strategic counsel to clients as they make critical decisions regarding how best to protect IP rights, the cost of obtaining and maintaining such rights, and whether the intellectual property is properly supporting their business objectives.  Our attorneys always consider with our clients the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing legal activities as well as provide our clients with the required risk assessment they need to make informed commercial decisions.  Finally, we leverage our vast relationships in almost 200 jurisdictions throughout the world to provide our clients with the most insightful and cost-effective advice and services available.


The Ladas Tradition

View Ladas & Parry’s rich history in our 100th Anniversary Commemoration book.