DiversityLadas & Parry is committed to diversity, inclusion and equality as core principles of our firm’s management, culture, hiring practices and provision of legal services to the public.

Our goal at Ladas & Parry is to foster a collaborative workplace that values and supports individuals of various races, nationalities, religions, lifestyle experiences and perspectives, irrespective of their gender identity.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to firm management, our attorneys, support staff, professionals and new hires.

At Ladas & Parry, we understand that embracing diversity and inclusion is not only a desirable egalitarian social goal, but also an acknowledgement that diverse and inclusive workplaces are more conducive to intellectual curiosity, new ideas, critical thought and professional excellence – all necessary to compete in today’s challenging intellectual property law arena.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee (“D&I Committee”) was  founded to help support the goal of diversity and inclusion at our firm.  The D&I Committee is tasked with providing advice and proposing policy objectives,  both on a formal and informal basis, to ensure that our firm remains on track with its commitment to diversity and inclusion and up to date on new ideas, issues and pathways to achieving same.  Whether helping to provide a voice to all at the firm, fostering an inviting firm atmosphere, supporting inclusive hiring practices or simply celebrating the achievements of racial and ethnic minorities and women, diversity and inclusion must be an important part of every law firm’s culture.