Authors: Bharati Bakshani, Sebastian Lovera Riso, Dennis S. Prahl, Matthew D. Asbell | Practices: | Tags: , , ,

What qualifies as acceptable Use in U.S. Commerce?

The mark must be used “in Commerce” and in good faith in the ordinary course of trade. While the USPTO will generally not conduct an inquiry, the applicant must claim use that qualifies as “Use in U.S. Commerce”....

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Authors: Bharati Bakshani, Dennis S. Prahl, Matthew D. Asbell, Sebastian Lovera Riso | Categories: | Tags: , , ,

Allegations of Use in U.S. Trademark Applications Based on Intent to Use

“Intent to use” (“ITU”) trademark applications must be successfully amended to allege use in U.S. Commerce before proceeding to registration. The applicant has six months from the issuance of a Notice of Allowance (“NOA”) or any...

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“So, Your U.S. Trademark Registration is Being Audited”

The USPTO implemented a program in March 2017 to audit trademark maintenance and renewal filings for the purpose of ensuring that trademark registrations were not being maintained in connection with goods and services for which the marks are no...

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In Adidas AG v Christian Faith Fellowship Church (Cancellation No. 92053314), the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) had cancelled two federal trademark registrations for ADD A ZERO, owned by the Christian Faith Fellowship Church, on the...

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