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On June 13, 2016, Chief Justice Roberts delivered a unanimous decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Halo v. Pulse on the question of when enhanced damages can be awarded for patent infringement. This decision reversed an earlier decision of...

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2016: Developments in Intellectual Property Law You Should Know About

This year the IP world will be brimming with changes, the largest of which will take place in the European Union. Sweeping reforms in EU trademark law will be implemented in March as well as the likelihood of the Unitary Patent making its debut in...

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Federal Circuit Held No International Exhaustion of Patent Rights in a Product Sold Outside and Imported Back Into The United States; Lawful Re-Sale or Use Restriction is Effective to Prevent Exhaustion of Patent Rights with Respect to Downstream Sales in Breach of the Restriction

In a 10 – 2 decision on February 12, 2016, the Federal Circuit en banc decided the case of Lexmark v. Impression. Deciding two issues, the court: upheld its 1992 decision in Mallickrodt v. Medipart that when a product is sold subject to a lawful...

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The Federal Circuit Reviews Patent Trial and Appeal Board Decisions on Inter Partes Review

There are now three decisions of the Federal Circuit on appeals from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) on inter partes reviews: In re Cuozzo Speed Technologies LLC Belden Inc. v. Berk-Tek LLC and Microsoft Corporation v. Proxyconn Inc....

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