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Ralph H. Cathcart has become a partner at Ladas & Parry LLP

The firm is pleased to announce that Ralph H. Cathcart has become a partner at the firm.

Mr. Cathcart has significant experience prosecuting and defending trademark, unfair competition, copyright, libel, right to publicity and Internet related disputes. Mr. Cathcart’s litigation experience includes significant litigation before state and federal courts, as well as the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

In addition to devising national enforcement programs for clients, Mr. Cathcart provides substantial opinion work and has expertise in domestic and international copyright law. Mr. Cathcart also has substantial transactional experience in the areas of trademarks, copyright and entertainment law, and has negotiated numerous recording agreements, cable television, TV and motion picture agreements. Mr. Cathcart’s unique and varied legal experience compliments our expanding practice. Mr. Cathcart is also a regular contributing author to World Media Report, formerly World Copyright Law Report.

For more information about this press release or about Ladas & Parry LLP’s services, please contact Ms. Martha Erickson by telephone at 312-427-1300 or by email.

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