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It is with great sadness that we note the death of our retired partner Malcolm Parry at the age of 96. Malcolm graduated from Yale in 1943 and joined the Army Air Corps fighting in the South Pacific in World War II. After the war he obtained his law degree from New York University and joined the firm (then known as Langner, Parry, Card and Langner) that had been founded by his father John Parry and Lawrence Langner in 1912.

Malcolm was a key player in the transition of the firm from one whose activities were limited to assisting US corporations in obtaining intellectual property rights outside the United States to the full service Intellectual Property firm that it is today. Malcolm was a patent attorney par excellence being able to apply the vagaries of the law in a wide range of jurisdictions to the intricacies of the technical features of the inventions on which he worked, both in dealing with questions of patentability and enforcement of patents globally. His clarity of thought was outstanding.

Within the office, Malcolm’s wide knowledge of international patent law and related topics (including the political and economic environment in which a patented invention might be exploited) was an invaluable resource which together with his ability to sort the wheat from the chaff still inspires us.

We extend our condolences and good wishes to his family.

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