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Ladas Attorney David Brezina Successfully Takes Down Fake Social Media Profiles used to Scam Customers of One of The Largest Poultry Companies in the World, Makes Chicago News

Ladas & Parry congratulates attorney David Brezina in his persistence and eventual success in the take down, not once but twice, of fake social media profiles used to scam customers of Wayne Farms, one of the world’s largest poultry producers.

Back in July, Wayne Farms sales manager Pat Gomez found that a fake LinkedIn profile of him had been created and was being used to contact customers and procure sales in the United States and abroad. Initially, LinkedIn took down the fake profiles when requested but then the fake profiles reappeared.  Mr. Brezina quickly submitted two take down requests to LinkedIn but this time they did not comply until David filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Wayne Farms seeking damages for trademark infringement & counterfeiting as well as damages to Wayne Farms’ reputation and other additional violations.

To find out more, please see the video and story carried by NBC Chicago Channel 5 news:

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