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Bharati Bakshani


Phone: (212)708-1942 | Fax: (212) 246-8959

Bharati Bakshani is a Partner in the New York Office of Ladas & Parry.

Bharati practices in the area of international trademark prosecution and enforcement. She also manages US trademark prosecution work for the New York Office.

She works with individuals, corporations and law firms on a broad range of US and international trademark-related matters including advising on the clearance and adoption of marks, prosecution of marks, oppositions, cancellation and infringement actions, and drafting and  negotiating worldwide coexistence agreements.

She has headed Table Topics and Roundtables for the International Trademark Association (INTA), given numerous presentations on European Union and United States trademark case law and registration procedures, participated in industry summits including one related to the telecommunications industry in India, and authored a book chapter and several articles on domestic and international trademark matters.  She has won competitions with trademark lawyers from around the world regarding European trademark case law.  Bharati has been described by a client in Managing Intellectual Property – IP Stars as being particularly knowledgeable on trademark “nuts and bolts” in countries all over the world.

She particularly enjoys training and mentoring young attorneys. When not practicing law, Bharati practices Iyengar yoga and enjoys belly dancing.


New York
Advocate and Solicitor, Bombay, India
Solicitor, Supreme Court of England

Key Industries
  • Paint/Coatings
  • Optical Products
  • Chemicals
  • Glass and fiberglass
  • Vehicle and Equipment Rental
  • Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts
  • Weapons and Military Products
  • Commercial Washing and Dryer Machines
  • Electrical Products
  • Industrial Metals
  • Media
  • Personal Goods
  • Fashion & Apparel
Associations & Organizations

The Bombay Incorporated Law Society
The Law Society of England & Wales
International Trademark Association (INTA)

Publications & Presentations

Imperative Strategies for Protecting Trademark Assets: The International Market, Co-Authored with Dr. Ian Jay Kaufman, Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace, V.1., § 12.4(c) (1999)
Enforcement of Trademark Rights in India: Recent Developments, Trademark World, p.24 (July 2000)
European Community Trademark Cases – Part 1: Board of Appeals decisions in Trademark Applications, Trademark World, p. 18 (August 2000)
European Community Trademark Cases – Part 2: Decisions issued by the Court of the First Instance and the Opposition Division, Trademark World, p. 22 (September 2000)
Second Circuit Holds In-State Goodwill Required for New York Unfair Competition Claim, Co-Authored with Matthew D. Asbell, Bright Ideas (Spring/Summer 2008)
The changing face of Intellectual Property Rights in India, Institute of International Research Summit on India’s Telecommunications future,  India (July 1994)
Decisions in European Community Trademark Cases, Conference on Intellectual Property, New York Athletic Club (March 2000)
Recent Developments in Trademark Law, Singapore IP Academy, Fordham Conference on the Recent Developments in & Enforcement of Asian IP Law, India (April 2004)
Moderator for ACTA Now: How the New Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Affects Your Practice or Business, International Trademark Association 134th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. (May 2012)
Trademark Registration Procedures in the U.S. and E.U. and Working with Customs in India, INTA roundtable, Mumbai, India (October 2012), published in INTA Bulletin (December 2012)

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