Watching services are an essential part of an effective trademark maintenance and enforcement program. Ladas & Parry’s watch services are designed to alert subscribers to potentially conflicting trademarks, company names, domain names and social media handles as they are published for opposition, cancellation and other action throughout the world.

Ladas & Parry
The Trademark Specialists

Knowledgeable – Backed by 100 years of Global IP Experience

Experienced – Over 70 years of Global Watch Service Leadership

Comprehensive – Searching registers in over 200 jurisdictions around the world

Reliable – Searching executed by trained professionals using customized software, not dependent on automation and software alone.

Flexible – Searching strategies established with subscribers and modified at no extra cost

Ladas & Parry Watch Services

  • International Trademarks
  • Company Names
  • One Country Only Trademarks
  • U.S. Only Trademarks
  • U.S. Early Alert Trademarks
  • U.S. State Trademarks
  • Non-Latin Character Trademarks
  • Applicant (Trademarks by Applicant)
  • Color Trademarks
  • Competitor Class (All Trademarks Filed in Class)
  • Internet
  • Domain Names
  • Social Media

brochure-watchDownload our Watch Services brochure in pdf-format.